Corporate Profile

Maveric Systems is a leading Technology Assurance Provider with expertise across the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Our integrated, asset-based assurance services are aimed at eliminating quality, cost, and time-to-market risks associated with large IT transformation programs for financial services and telecom organisations.

Our “Assurance Only” business model aided by domain expertise and IP led integrated solutions have been key factors behind 100% successful implementation for all our clients.

Since 2000, we have been providing integrated assurance services across the IT lifecycle for key banking domains including retail banking, corporate banking, payments, multi-channels, wealth management, regulatory & compliance, and equities & derivatives.

We have invested in offering platform-led strategic assurance solutions across technologies like digital, data, middleware, virtualization and automation. We have to our credit multiple engagements around a large number of banking and telecom products. Backed by our domain, technology and product expertise, we aim to be among the top 3 assurance players in UK, Europe and US geographies.

We have a dedicated offshore delivery and research center in Chennai, India. Our 1200+ assurance professionals operate across centers in UK, US, Europe, Middle East and APAC and provide services to more than 50 financial services organisations across the globe.


The Beginning

In the year 2000, four management consultants and friends – Ranga Reddy, P Venkatesh, NN Subramanian and VN Mahesh, realizing the growth potential offered by software testing as a service, started Maveric Systems as an independent testing firm built on the principles of domain-led expertise and innovative IP-led solutions.

From 2000 to 2012, we offered testing services to banks and financial services firms across India, Middle East and UK and over the decade built a company that is renowned for its domain-led expertise, quality of delivery, and absolute commitment to client success.

The Growth Chapter

In 2012, we decided to chase a bigger dream – to grow by partnering with clients across the IT Adoption lifecycle. We leveraged our domain skills and defect detection expertise to expand our footprint across the entire Requirements-to-Release cycle by adding defect prevention to our skill set. Our services now covered Requirements Assurance, Application Assurance and Program Assurance and we became into being IT lifecycle assurance specialists. In addition to banking, we expanded our focus to Insurance and Telecom domains.
Between 2012 and 2014, our client list expanded to include global leaders in banking with multi-year, multi-geography projects that have seen us achieve more than 50% growth year-on-year. We became a renowned name in the Middle East with over 80% of all banking transformation projects in the region involving Maveric as an assurance provider.

Future Ready

Today, we are one of the top IT lifecycle assurance providers with deeper sub-domain focus in banking and investments across new age technologies and development of product-centric assets differentiating assurance services delivery. We aim to be among the top 3 assurance providers across US, UK and Europe addressing assurance requirements of global and regional banking and telecom leaders.

Why Maveric Systems For Software Testing

At Maveric, we are looking at creating strategic differences across the IT lifecycle by being domain focused and technology centric and by providing integrated requirements to release assurance offerings that enable clients to eliminate quality, cost, and time-to-market risks associated with their IT engagements.

Our key differentiators include the following:

Domain Specialisation:

For us, domain expertise refers to “complete understanding of products, channels, workflow, business processes, interfaces and frameworks that define how a product is offered by our client”.

We understand how our clients see their business and have transferred this into solutions across banking and telecom domains. We have expertise in engaging with over 50 core banking transformations, some of which include multi-country and multi-location deployments.

We also have experience in handling assurance engagements across a wide range of banking and telecom products including Temenos T24, FLEXCUBE, Misys Equation, Finacle, Eximbills, Trade Innovation, BankTrade, Fidessa, SunGard, Murex, Ingenium, TIA, BSCS, Siebel, TIBCO, CS5, iMAL, Ethix and Phoenix.


We have been driving differentiation across our engagements through product-centric assets that bring about a difference in service delivery and quality of our assurance engagements.

Our productivity accelerators – platforms, frameworks, and methodologies guarantee QTE (High Quality, Reduction in Time-to-Market, and Increase in Economy) at all stages of the lifecycle and have enabled us in the past 15 years to increase automation and reusability of assets for numerous clients.

Technology Competency:

With the need of the hour demanding more than automation and agile capabilities, we bring to the table in-house tools and frameworks that augment technology capability. They include:

  • Requirements to release testing in Digital Assurance across cloud testing, user experience, security, etc.
  • API & Middleware Testing.
  • Data Assurance Solutions such as Big Data Testing, Data Warehouse Testing, Master & Meta Data Management, Data Quality Assurance etc.
  • Service Virtualization offerings such as End-to-End Service Virtualization and Implementation Capability at Application, Infrastructure and Data Levels.